Canadian journalists have shown open contempt for pain of the working class

So much about the class structure of Canadian society is being exposed by everything that’s happened over the last year and half of COVIDMANIA.

And it’s ugly.

It was apparent right at the start. Back in March of 2020, when belief in a universally deadly plague sweeping the nation could still be nominally justified, the population was officially divided into two classes: A privileged class for whom going to work was deemed far too dangerous and everyone else for whom going to work was deemed ‘essential’ for the convenience of the people in the privileged class.

If you were a lawyer, a teacher, a politician, if you worked in finance or the tech industry, the risk posed to your life by simply showing up to work was considered too great by the people in power to take the chance. If you were a minimum wage earner stocking shelves at Metro or Cosco, filling the online orders and delivering food to high earning professionals working from home… you were told the risk to your life was well worth it. Just don’t get too close to the customer when you make the delivery. They don’t like that. And wear a mask.

The fact that there was no popular uprising right there and then from the millions of people whose lives were now officially deemed less valuable in society speaks to the placidity of this servant class in Canada.

Almost immediately, everyone in Canadian media made it clear whose side they were on. And it wasn’t the side of the people most impacted by the political establishment’s newly acquired taste for authoritarian rule. After all, being a mainstream journalist in Canada meant you were one of the people in the anointed work-from-home-with-full-pay class. And journalists were not shy about letting everyone know it.

They embarked on what amounted to a campaign of open hostility towards people in the servant class. They stopped even attempting to disguise their contempt. They watched as basic civil liberties were stripped from their fellow citizens. As they lost their jobs. As their businesses were closed. As their children’s education and mental health were destroyed. As their insecurity and anxiety mounted. As the political establishment became increasingly comfortable dispensing with the constraints of liberal democratic principles.

Canadian journalist watched all of this. And they could barely contain their enthusiasm for it all.

In fact, the only consistent complaint from the media establishment in Canada over the last year and half has been that the authoritarianism wasn’t sufficiently oppressive. Their tolerance for other people’s suffering has been inexhaustible. They’ve filled their op eds and Twitter feeds with demands that politicians impose ever harsher measures. Any display of independence, resistance or free will from uppity peasants was met with calls for the full force of the state to be used to crush dissent.

Simon Houpt The Globe and Mail:

Jen Gerson CBC, the National Post, Maclean’s:

Chris Selley, National Post:

Andrew Coyne Globe and Mail, CBC

Heather Mallick Toronto Star

Bruce Arthur, Toronto Star:

We’re now more than a year and half into this madness. The original conception of this virus was of a science-fiction-come-to-life scenario in which a pathogen so deadly and unlike anything that’s ever existed posed an existential threat to all human life. That fantastical conception is now untenable. In fact, it was known within weeks of the pandemic being declared that the risk to the population is extremely age-stratified. The very elderly are almost exclusively the cohort to whom this virus poses a serious health threat. And even for them the likelihood of a good outcome is high if they’re in good health.

“You can be 85 and have no serious medical condition and you’re going to do very very well. That should have been the entire… and still should be… the entire focus of how to prevent death. And particular in Canada which has done the worse than any other of the developed countries in protecting her elderly.” – Dr. Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Chairman of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Examination Committee in General Pathology, Ottawa.

Your chances of dying from this virus were greatly enhanced however if you were in a government run or overseen institution. We’re talking about long-term care homes and hospitals. That’s where the vast majority of deaths of the elderly occurred.

By the way, the governments that people trusted to care for their parents and grandparents are the same governments now assuring you the experimental pharmaceutical technology they’re injecting into you and your kids is completely ‘safe and effective’. Just something to think about.

Which brings us back to our wonderful Canadian journalists. To put it bluntly, they love the idea of forcing people to take drugs. I don’t know why. They just do. Even when it’s drugs that people don’t need for their own health. Even when those drugs are an experimental pharmaceutical technology being indiscriminately administered in an unprecedented mass drugging operation. Journalists can’t get enough of it. It doesn’t even matter who is doing the forcing… politicians, corporations, employers… As long as someone with power is overriding the will of someone else by making it impossible to be employed or function in society without submitting to taking drugs mandated by the state.

And that’s not all. Canadian journalists want to see people hurt if they do anything other than quietly comply.

And they’re not ashamed to say it out loud.

It’s extraordinary.

Andre Picard, Globe and Mail

Gary Mason, Globe and Mail

Scott Gilmore, Maclean’s Magazine

Justin Ling, CBC , Maclean’s

Andrew Coyne, Globe and Mail, National Post

Sharon Kirkey, National Post

Robyn Urback, Globe and Mail, CBC, National Post:

“… the requirement to get vaccinated to participate in normal life takes the decision out of individual’s hands… While that might signal the start of creeping authoritarianism to those staunchly anti-vaccination, to the vaccine-hesitant – and everyone else looking hoping for better vaccine coverage across the country – it can offer invaluable mental reprieve.”

Warren Kinsella, Toronto Sun

So we’ve established that Canadian journalists are rabidly pro lockdown regardless of the scientific validity of these measures, how destructive they are or if they’re in any way justifiable as a response to the actual level of threat. They have no qualms about the political class dispensing with the principles of liberal democracy. They would have preferred even harsher authoritarian controls to have been imposed on people. Which means they would have been content to see even greater carnage wreaked on the lives of ordinary Canadians. They’re giddy about the prospect of people being forced to take experimental drugs known to cause serious adverse reactions in some people and which have no mid to long term safety profile. They are calling for politicians to hurt people who still believe that citizens in a liberal democracy are entitled to decide for themselves what medications they take… a belief held by pretty much everybody until 10 minutes ago. And they are openly contemptuous and hostile towards Canadians who don’t unquestioningly conform to their views on all of this.

So at this point you must be wondering about the Canadian media establishment’s group-think attitude towards the latest high tech gadgetry at the top of every aspiring medical tyrant’s wish list. I’m of course referring to the truly odious, CCP-level mechanism of digital social control, the vaccine passport.

Shocker: They love those too!

Let’s not beat around the bush. These digital controls will permanently change the way we’ve lived in our country for generations. The Canada you grew up in or emigrated to will be gone. Going forward, you will have to be prepared at any moment to produce proof you are meeting the government’s current requirements to be permitted to function in society.

Want to go pick up something at the mall? Well, wait a minute. Did you take the latest government mandated booster shot yet? No? Sorry. No mall for you.
Running late for that important meeting? Sorry, the app on your phone is responding red, not green. You can’t get on the subway. ‘But I got the latest shot yesterday!’ Sorry. The app says you didn’t. You’ll just have to miss the meeting. I’m sure your boss will understand.

Think of the potential for control beyond merely taking whatever drugs the government demands you take once your social media, banking, mortgage, utility services, education records and employment details are linked to the system.

Don’t take my word for it. Politicians in various jurisdictions around the Western World are openly telling you now that this is your future. Justin Trudeau, the 49 year old spoiled rich kid who runs Canada is campaigning for reelection by openly threatening Canadians with “consequences” if they defy his will. He’s literally promising to have people fired and banned from planes and trains if they vote for him.

The grotesque, gnome-like feudal lord of the once free state of Victoria Australia has been even more explicit:

“We’re going to move from a situation where, to protect the health system, we’ve got everybody locked down… to situation where, to protect the health system, we’re going to lock out people who are not vaccinated… There’s going to be a vaccinated economy. You get to participate in that if you are vaccinated.” – Dan Andrews, Premier of Victoria Australia

We’ve already seen mainstream news reports from Australia showing workers being ordered to leave the jobsite and go straight home for failing to provided current vaccination status to marshals conducting random checks.

This is crazy stuff. The kind of thing most of us never imagined we would see in Western liberal democracies.

But the Canadian media establishment seems blithely unaware of all of this. Or totally indifferent. Mostly they seem wildly enthusiastic.

Can you guess what Canadian journalists are not so enthusiastic about? That’s right! It’s anyone who doesn’t share their collective enthusiasm for forced vaccination and totalitarian vaccine passports.

But the thing that grinds their journalistic gears more than anything else is the sight of the people whose lives have been most impacted by a year and half of devastating, authoritarian political policies letting the elites who did it to them know exactly how they feel about it… Who do these awful people think they are? And have you heard the language some of them are using? Goodness me! These peasants truly are revolting!

Journalists in this country have been sycophantic cheerleaders for the obscenities inflicted on citizens by the political establishment for more than a year and a half.
Now the entire Canadian media establishment is clutching their pearls over a few naughty words directed at their friends in the ruling class.

The truth is that every bought and paid for journalist in Canada simply despises people who won’t politely and passively submit to state authority. “Stop harassing your betters! You’ve been told to stay home and take your drugs! Now shut up and do it!”

This kind of thinking is being treated as normal in Canada now. That’s how lost in the mania we’ve become. It’s not good. It’s not good at all.

We’ve all been swept along on a very fast moving conveyor belt for 18 months. It’s well past the point that we need to make the conscious effort to step off, catch our breath and try to regain some kind of detached, objective perspective on what we’re doing and where we’re going.

No reasonable person should be opposed to that. Taking a step back and reassessing the situation is what responsible, thinking adults do. Particularly when such unprecedented and drastic changes are being implemented on the fly and with little if any serious debate or consideration of the long term consequences.

But currently, nobody is allowing themselves to even contemplate the possibility that we’ve gone down the wrong path. People are so deeply invested in the perfection of the official narrative that just considering they may have got this wrong represents too great a cost to their ego. So honest self-reflection is banished.

For months they have luxuriated in the conviction they were the infallibly correct and enlightened people. At the same time they’ve become intoxicated by self-righteousness. They’ve savoured the satisfaction of denouncing other people as their moral inferiors. How common has it become for people to casually pass judgement on the humanity of their fellow Canadians by labeling any ‘wrong think‘ about masks or forced vaccination as unforgivable ‘selfishness‘?

It would require a good deal of self-awareness and humility to take stock of yourself this far into the process. To acknowledge that maybe the thing you’ve been proudly and loudly taking part in for the last year and half is starting to get out of hand and is heading in an increasingly dark direction.

Unfortunately, if people possessed that kind of self-awareness and humility it’s unlikely they would have given themselves over so freely and fully to this mania in the first place.

The egos of the small, insular clique of wannabe elites who make up the Canadian media establishment are perhaps the most invested in the status quo of all. They publicly put all their chips and credibility on the government’s side of the table at the start and let it ride. And not just their personal and professional credibility, but the credibility of the institution of journalism in Canada itself.

As a profession, they all adopted the same position from the start. They doubled-down, then tripled-down then quadrupled-down on that position as the months passed. They carefully curated the information they projected to maintain a perception of threat to the public that justified their endorsement of increasingly authoritarian actions by the state. They excluded data, analysis and expert opinion that threatened the plausibility of that position. They participated in stoking hatred and division among Canadians. And they facilitated the agenda of the people with power in this country rather than holding them to account.

In short, they’re in this up to their necks. Maybe that’s why they all seem so irrational and angry lately. They know that if it turns out they bet on the wrong horse it’s over for them and for their entire industry.

And they’re coming across as increasingly panicky.

A watershed moment in this process we’ve all been moving through occurred on August 26, 2021 when the biggest newspaper in Canada published this on the front page:

With that sentiment, the media establishment forever exploded the great Canadian myth. The gratingly banal yet widely embraced self-conception of a nation of preternaturally ‘nice’, excruciatingly dull but morally exceptional citizens died that day.

Of course, it was never true to begin with. Ironically, the national image based on the kind of trite, self-satisfied platitudes that could make even the dippiest of 60s-era hippies wretch is the legacy of Justin Trudeau’s father Pierre. It was assiduously grafted onto the national psyche by the senior Trudeau’s government during his long, almost unbroken reign from 1968 until the mid 1980’s. Unlike his son, Pierre was actually highly intelligent. But like his son, he was a hubristic Utopian who believed he was entitled to restructure Canada in his own likeness.

But now that idealistically flattering national myth is officially dead. We’ve come full circle under Trudeau Jr’s watch.

Sure, the vacuous platitudes will continue to be spewed. God knows Justin Trudeau alone is incapable of communicating without them. But with a media landscape in which the country’s biggest newspaper can openly target a portion of the population with such unvarnished malevolence and splash it across the front page, Canadians can no longer conceive of their country as the global model of tolerance, compassion and awe-inspiring niceness we’ve sanctimoniously pretended to be.

Speaking of awe-inspiring…

Nine days later the Star published another bold-type, emotionally convulsive front page.

You couldn’t help but shake your head in disbelief. It would be like telling your wife she looks fat in that outfit and then exclaiming “Why are you so angry?” as she stormed out of the room.

This cry of bewilderment perfectly summed up the yawning chasm separating the insular bubble in which the small clique of journalists exist and the real world occupied by ordinary Canadians. And yet journalists purport to explain that real world to those Canadians.

Without intending it, they acknowledged the total absence of self-awareness and the irrelevance that characterizes journalism in Canada today.

COVID hysteria has exposed the underlying maliciousness of the mainstream middle class

From calls to deny health care to ‘anti-maskers’ and vaccinating people against their will to demanding that pensions be stripped from the elderly who don’t want the jab… COVID induced hysteria has exposed the wanton malice of ‘normal’ people in the mainstream middle class.


More important perspectives and expert opinion that the media establishment in Canada and other countries are excluding from the COVID-19 narrative they’re spoon-feeding to the public.

12 months to normalize medical tyranny

It only took about 12 months to normalize the horrific premise that you should take medications…. not because you need them for your health… but to appease the government so they will return your rights and freedoms to you.

‘Amazing’ indeed.


A compilation of some of the important information and perspectives concerning the COVID-19 disaster that YOUR CANADIAN MEDIA WON’T SHOW YOU! It raises an equally important question: WHY are they not exposing the public to this?

In the age of Covid you must indulge other people’s paranoia

People have been driven into a state of mass psychosis over the past year. You can see it in the extreme germaphobia that is everywhere now. If this thing ever ends, millions of people will have to retrain themselves just to go about daily life in a manner we took for granted as normal prior to March of 2020.

They will have to relearn how to pass someone on the sidewalk without stepping into oncoming traffic or crossing the road. They will have to break the compulsion to strap-on the magic facecloth that wards off malevolent spirits before daring to walk out their front door.

Sadly, it seems the question of whether or not this thing ever ends is still very much up in the air. If anything, the paranoia appears to be crystalizing rather than dissipating as the months drag on.

In fact, marinating in their own hysteria is no longer good enough for many people. Their mania is now so all-consuming they’ve come to believe the rest of us are obligated to validate their paranoia too.

You know this is true if you happen to have reached a conclusion that is different to theirs about the degree of threat posed by this virus, or the efficacy of masks, or the justifiability of authoritarian lockdowns or the wisdom of mass, indiscriminate inoculation with rushed experimental pharmaceutical products. You’re not entitled to your own thoughts on these matters. Blind to their hypocrisy, they have taken it upon themselves to declare that not seeing things their way is selfish. So naturally the only option is for you to subjugate your views to theirs. Why do these people believe their views should override yours?

Apparently it’s because they feel really really strongly about it.

Seriously. That seems to be it.

Now, one of the best ways to figure out how other people are thinking is to ask: What would it take for me to arrive at the kind of conclusions they’ve embraced? What would I have to accept as true in order to believe what they believe?

And in this case you would ask yourself: What would make me believe that because I feel strongly about something it automatically delegitimizes what other people feel strongly about?

And to be clear, we’re not talking about agreeing to disagree here. We’re talking about people who really believe their fellow citizens are no longer entitled to perceive the world differently to themselves.

In fact, many of these people literally think that failing to indulge their paranoia should be an offence punishable by the state.

What could possibly make normal, middle class people so thoroughly abandon rationality, self-control, ethics, morality and any capacity for humility in favour of such tyrannical narcissism?

Is it hysteria? Paranoid delusion? Whatever you want to call it, it’s as if some primal survival mechanism deep within them has been awakened and is screaming in their ear… ‘The Volcano God is angry! If we sacrifice the non-believers maybe it won’t kill ME!’

And here’s the crazy thing: They are absolutely convinced this makes them the good people!

Think I’m exaggerating? Just remember how many people now believe that what they think you should put in your body overrides what you think you should put in your body.

One thing we can say for sure is that a kind of fanatical absolutism has infected the thinking of the mainstream middle-class.

Recognizing the fallibility of one’s own conceptions is fundamental to wisdom. Remembering that our understanding is conditional on encountering better information is crucial to the pursuit of truth.

But these essential insights have been banished along with the humility and self-regulation they cultivate. In their place there is an unrestrained and often vicious zealotry.

In short, the possibility they could be wrong about any of this has been completely deleted from their worldview. Like religious fundamentalists, their investment in the unalterable perfection of the official narrative and the absolute righteousness they believe this bestows upon them is total.

Let’s face it, anyone who demands that you take certain medications you feel uncomfortable taking because it makes them feel more comfortable has left all consideration of their own capacity for error far behind.

Clearly the government-media coalition has propagated mass hysteria. They have perpetrated a relentless campaign of fear and misinformation on the public for over a year. An apocalyptic narrative based on insufficient data was established back in March of 2020. But better data began to quickly accumulate which indicated the threat was nowhere near the catastrophic board-game version of the virus that public health officials were playing with computer modellers behind closed doors. Yet instead of announcing the good news and de-escalating the situation… politicians and their lackeys in the mainstream media doubled-down. It’s been all catastrophe all the way from there on in.

But we can’t lay all the blame at the feet of those with power and influence. At the end of the day, each individual is responsible for his or her own conscience.

Fear is a funny thing. Yes, it makes people susceptible to manipulation by those in power. But it can also disinhibit a tendency towards malice in individuals which they may otherwise keep in check during less stressful times.

You’re a GROUP-THINKER if: You call people ‘CONSPIRACY THEORISTS’.

The group-thinking class have been conditioned to believe that the term “conspiracy theory” can be used as an incantation that magically invalidates facts that conflict with the group-think while relieving themselves of the need to demonstrate they know anything at all.

COVID-19 and the farce of public discourse in Canada

The political class and the media establishment are essentially a single entity in Canada. It is a coalition between a small group of people with political power and a small group of people who control the means of shaping public perception. Like many political coalitions, the two parties in the Political/Media Coalition (PMC) have a history of being adversaries. But over years of close interaction they have gradually come to an understanding that their interests are better served by cooperating.

Sure, there is still the façade of the old adversarial dynamic: Questions are asked. Criticism is leveled. But only within a very narrow band of mutually agreed upon parameters. Mostly it amounts to dinner theatre put on for the Canadian public who now fund both sides of the Coalition with their tax dollars.

Here’s how it works: A politically safe, status-quo concept is agreed upon and adopted by everyone in the political and media establishments regardless of the issue. It could be catastrophic man-made climate change, systemic racism, COVID-19 or any number of other hot-button topics. We are then presented with the theatre of dissent and debate as Conservatives and their allies in the media criticize Liberals and their allies in the media over the management of the status-quo concept. And vice versa.

But the validity of the central premise itself is never questioned.

In other words, we are given the illusion of meaningful opposition and effective scrutiny of the issues. Genuinely meaningful scrutiny would have to at least include if not emphasize a critical examination of the central premise upon which the entire project is based. But it doesn’t happen. Opposition and scrutiny are permitted only within the context of an official narrative which is unreservedly endorsed by all the players.

Take carbon taxes for example. The original argument for their implementation was that they would allow us to control the temperature of the planet. I know. It sounds laughable when you just come out and state it like that. But that was the point. If carbon dioxide reduction schemes can’t do that to any meaningful degree, then the foundational justification for their implementation is nullified.

In short, if the policy will have no meaningful effect on the alleged problem then it should be abandoned.

But questions like how?… or why?… or by how much?… disappeared from the discussion almost immediately. The premise of government imposed reduction of carbon dioxide emissions as a required policy initiative was simply adopted as the status quo position by everyone in the political and media establishments. It became an end in itself: Reduction for the sake of reduction. Debate was confined to questions about whether a given climate policy fulfills Paris Climate Accord commitments, or whether the policy goes far enough, or complaints about the speed with which a policy has been implemented.

But questioning the efficacy of the policy to achieve the ultimate goal for which it was proposed vanished completely and forever. Asking “By how much can we reduce emissions?” usurped the one truly pertinent question: “By how much will any of these disruptive state interventions control the temperature of the Earth?”

We are presently seeing this sham process of strictly controlled questioning, scrutiny and debate applied to every aspect of COVID-19.

For instance, the entirety of the political/media establishment in Canada is currently obsessed with vaccines. It’s one of the half dozen or so subjects the PMC has designated as officially sanctioned topics for public discussion.

The status quo premise that has been adopted by the media and the political class is that a COVID-19 mRNA ‘vaccine’ must be procured and widely distributed to everyone in Canada as quickly as possible. The current public discourse is entirely consumed with criticism of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s bungling of that process.

Below is a random sample of the kind of discussion and debate we’re hearing. The first example is a press release from the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Erin O’Toole. The second is a tweet by conservative journalist Brian Lilley:

“Today is another disappointing day for Canadians who know that without vaccines, there is no recovery. The Liberals need to be honest with Canadians on what they’re doing to secure the vital tools needed today to fight COVID-19 and secure our future.” – Erin O’Toole

“Don’t worry! PM @JustinTrudeau announced we will make vaccines in Canada this summer and by summer he really means the end of 2021.”– Brian Lilley

There is no doubt that Trudeau’s government has demonstrated striking ineptitude in accomplishing the stated goal of procuring and distributing these ‘vaccines’. And it should come as a shock to no one that they’ve been characteristically slippery when pressed to account for it. So the criticism of his handling of this file is not unjustified.

However, the necessity of pursuing the process in the first place has never been questioned let alone examined.

Specifically, there has been no conversation at all about the wisdom of holding the population at ransom over the chaotic, mass roll-out of a rushed, expensive, experimental gene technology to treat a virus we now know represents less of a threat to most people than seasonal influenza.

But of course, anyone who dares step outside the official group-think is immediately excoriated by the rest of the establishment. They have broken the rules of their elite little club and exposed the pantomime which is passed off as serious debate. As a result, courageous, intellectually honest thinkers are defamed as loons, labeled conspiracy theorists, denounced as morally corrupt and expelled from official public discourse.

Here is an example of the Canadian media specifically calling for this very practice:

“It might be understood that political parties can play an important role in keeping a country’s political debate on the tracks by shunning the most extreme views and aiming to appeal to the broadest swath of voters. “ – Aaron Wherry, CBC

This is an alleged ‘journalist’ at Canada’s taxpayer funded state broadcast corporation actually calling for political elites to force the narrowing of the ‘country’s political debate’. He wants across the board conformity to politically safe, officially sanctioned narratives that he patronizingly says will ‘appeal’ to Canadians. Views that wander outside the anodyne official group-think are to be labeled ‘extreme’ and shunned.

And we’ve seen this happen. MPP Roman Baber was recently expelled from the Progressive Conservative Party in Ontario by Premier Doug Ford for publicly addressing the questionable scientific justification and devastating impact on citizens of Ford’s harsh lockdown measures. Bringing this compassionate, data-driven and widely shared point of view to the table was characterized by the ‘conservative’ Premier as “putting people at risk by spreading misinformation and undermining the efforts of frontline healthcare workers.”

Unsurprisingly, members of the media wing of the PMC gushed in support of the Premier’s actions:

‘Doug Ford deserves credit for expelling MPP, but Roman Baber’s cherry-picked data and unscientific opinions have support’ – Bruce Arthur, Columnist Toronto Star

This kind of malicious slander and public ‘shunning’ is how principled people are punished for trying to expand the discussion beyond the controlled narratives favoured by the political/media establishment in Canada.

Rebuttals of the Week # 57: Just because reality is different to what we’re being told doesn’t mean what we’re being told isn’t true… or something.

Going to Getugly: High numbers are normal at this time of year. Start thinking for yourself instead of unquestioningly accepting anything that is projected at you.

2015: “Overcrowding getting worse at Edmonton hospitals, Alberta NDP says
Overcrowding in Edmonton hospitals has become more common in the last two years, driving the system toward a crisis point that can only be averted by the construction of new facilities, Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley says.…/overcrowding-getting…

2015: Hospital overcrowding leading to patient suffering in Alberta: doctors…/hospital-overcrowding-leading…/

2010: Overcrowding at Alberta Hospital
CTV News was told the demand for beds at Alberta Hospital is so high that patients are often doubled or tripled up in rooms, with some patients have even had to sleep in the TV viewing area.…

Devry Skiba: Those previous issues do not negate the seriousness of the pandemic, and hopefully, if any good comes from this mess it’s that those issues will finally be addressed.

GOING TO GETUGLY: Yes, they do negate the seriousness of this “pandemic”. It demonstrates three facts:

  1. That what we are experiencing is not outside the boundaries of normal seasonal occurrences.
  2. That despite this fact, we are being encouraged by politicians, media and health bureaucrats to perceive it as an extraordinary event representing a unique level of threat to public health, thereby justifying destructive authoritarian measures that ARE a unique threat to public health.
  3. That a large swath of the general public have abandoned independent critical scrutiny of what they are told in favour of blind obedience and uncritical acceptance of official narratives.

COVID blamed for government failure to maintain hospital capacity

This is an issue of politicians and health bureaucrats who have failed in their responsibility to maintain adequate hospital capacity… and it’s being passed off as an issue about a uniquely threatening virus. But there is nothing unique about this at all. Look at the dates below: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019