Thank goodness we have Internet ‘memes’ to remind us to hate our civilization

What would we do without Internet ‘memes’ to reduce complex and nuanced issues to trite statements designed to confirm our biases?

A friend shared the one above today which was originally posted by a group calling itself Palm Oil Investigations .

In an attempt to counter the reflexive civilizational self-loathing, fashionable misanthropy and blind hypocrisy,  I thought it was worth pointing out to them that there were one or two benefits that accrued during that ‘1 minute’ period referenced in the meme….like, higher wages, increased quality of life, longer life span, lower infant mortality, established middle class, manufacturing and technological innovation, labour saving devices, mass transit, medical advances and eradication of diseases, increased food production, more leisure time, access to travel, expansion of education and literacy, expansion of human rights and democracy, animal welfare, greater opportunity and choice for earning a living, hitherto inconceivable expansion of global communication and connectivity (telegraph,telephone, radio, television, internet), indoor plumbing, electric light, efficient and convenient home heating, refrigeration…

You know, basically everything that makes our lives so comfortable, easy and spoiled that we are now able to indulge in the luxury of having time to care about the world’s forests.


Liberals introduce bill to protect transgender Canadians from hate speech and discrimination

The Canadian Press reports that Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party continues to prioritize ‘virtue signalling’ as it panders to as many fashionable social justice preoccupations as possible.

See report here: ‘Liberals introduce bill to protect transgender Canadians from hate speech and discrimination’

The number of transgendered people is less than 1%. You would be hard pressed to find an issue that directly affected less people than this one.

And yet we are constantly being bombarded with it as if it is a huge and pressing priority.

We’re being manipulated and lied to.

Welcome to Orwell’s world.



More unsolicited advice from Canada’s ‘Prime Life Coach’, Justin Trudeau

 The constant refrain we hear from feminists – particularly when they are responding to any form of criticism – is that feminism is simply about equality for women. That being they case, they insist, anyone who has a problem with feminism just doesn’t like everyone being treated the same.

That’s why the Prime Minister of the nation of Canada is taking it upon himself to issue special instructions specifically directed at men to exercise extra vigilance when speaking to women. It seems that women have sensitivities that are peculiar to their gender and men have a special obligation to make allowances for them.

And THAT’S how you get equality.

See how easy it is?

I would be astonished to think that any mature thinking woman wouldn’t find it profoundly condescending to have this man giving ‘how to talk to women’ lessons… as if they’re some weird subset of the species that need men’s special care and attention.

It’s as if feminism has finally gone full circle. Are we actually at the point where its proponents are advocating that men think of women exactly the way they used to BEFORE feminism?

When a rich, powerful, elite, establishment man who insists that women need special consideration and treatment from men due to their gender-specific sensitivities is lauded by feminists as a champion of their cause….I  think it’s safe to say the  movement has jumped the proverbial cisgendered shark.

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