Truth or validation…. which do you privilege?

People either privilege the pursuit of truth or they privilege gratifying their ego in the form of social acceptance and moral validation. If you do the former your priority is cultivating as accurate a conception of the objective world as possible regardless of the degree to which that conception conforms to fashionable opinion. If you do the latter you simply adopt whole-cloth the generic opinions of the social class with whom you desire to be identified and uncritically internalize them as your own.

That is why people who gravitate to the Left are so consistently incapable of presenting logically coherent, properly reasoned arguments to support and substantiate their opinions when challenged. Their opinions are not the end result of a process of independent critical scrutiny and objective analysis. Therefore they have nothing behind them to link their claims to objective reality or to justify their confidence in the perfection of their interpretations.


Reminder to Students: The reason you’re in school is because you don’t know anything!


I don’t know who started this idea that 20 year olds know enough about ANYTHING to justify taking their opinions seriously… let alone their “demands”(!)….. But it’s clearly time that stopped.

Quick thought: Carbon tax is based on a false premise… but we’re doing it anyway.


Read article at: Kelly McParland: Trudeau’s carbon plan means Canadians will pay more for a tax that will have very little impact

Rather than saying the tax will have ‘very little impact’…. let’s be more direct and say there is no evidence it will have any measurable effect on the climate or temperatures of the planet in the near or distant future whatsoever.
Therefore, the justification they are using for imposing this tax is blatantly false… and they know it. In fact, we ALL know it.
But we live in an era where the masses are happy to endorse the lies of the political class if they are marketed in a manner that strokes their ‘progressive’ egos and fulfils their priority of receiving social and moral validation.