Art imitates (‘progressive’) life?

I watched a new video by Paul Joseph Watson yesterday, with the straight-to-the-point title: ‘MORONS REACT TO TRUMP WINNING’. Paul has a great knack for being searingly funny while devastatingly precise in exposing the many hypocrisies inherent in ‘progressive’ Left ideology.

One of the ‘morons’ he highlights in the video is Laci Green – a (for some reason) semi well-known, millennial American YouTube video-blogger, public sex educator, and feminist activist. She has hosted online sex education content on behalf of Planned Parenthood and Discovery News. If you think the ‘moron’ label is just unkind ad hominem, check out her deep and well-reasoned insights about the election results in her ‘TRUMPOCALYPSE’ video on YouTube.

Anyway, the reason I’m mentioning any of this is for an excuse to marvel at my own intuitiveness.

At the 33 second mark in Paul Joseph Watson’s video, he shows a post-election Tweet from Laci Green in which she expresses her…. um, let’s say, ‘disappointment’ with the result.

I posted my comic strip called ‘A Progressive reacts to the election’ on November 12 (I chose a slightly more ‘G rated’ version for the Getugly blog than the one I posted on the Getugly Facebook page that same day, which I’ve included below) – four days before seeing the video and Green’s Tweet.

Compare the two below!



Rebuttals of the Week! #7: ‘Like, think about it…Mexico is so totally full of dangerous people who are like, different to us! So why would ‘progressives’ want to move there? Gawd!’

There was a lot of post-election material to choose from for this edition of ‘Rebuttals of the Week!’. But the breathtaking blindness to the neon-lit, flashing, day-glo hypocrisy of the ‘We’re moving to Canada because they’ve said mean things about Mexico’ thing encapsulated the truth about the emptiness of ‘progressive’ thinking so spectacularly… I decided to go with that.

Below are my interactions with three people who embody that style of thinking. You’ll notice all the standard ‘progressive’ characteristics: The withering, superior tone of feeling put upon for having to educate anyone so clearly less insightful than themselves; the obliviousness to the contradictions and inconsistencies in their own position; and the inevitable petulant defensiveness to having those contradictions and inconsistencies pointed out to them for the first time.

They  were reacting to this reasonable comment of mine posted online a few days ago:

Going to GetuglyGoing to Getugly Why do none of these non-bigoted, anti-wall building ‘progressives’ not want to move to Mexico? Why are they all choosing the ‘whitest’ of the two countries that border the USA?

Tony KoTK: I’ll be nice. Hopefully this is a better way of getting to people who think like that.

They want to come here because Canada is a liberal country in comparison. Our prime minister is a progressive. We are also mostly friendly to other cultures.

Going to GetuglyGoing to Getugly  Oh… so they prefer to be around people who are like themselves…. they prefer people who share the same culture… the same values…. speak the same language…. somewhere they know is safe…. not too much crime or violence….. So that’s why they don’t want to go to Mexico! Interesting.

Tony KoTK : Actually, I just took a look at your profile and I’m done commenting. You are as extreme as the people you hate. Complete waste of my time. Goodbye.

Going to GetuglyGoing to Getugly  And by “extreme” you of course mean you can’t handle having your poorly thought out ideas challenged.

Amy SteryAS: Not to mention that the majority here (in Canada) speak english. Not that that was obvious or anything.

Going to GetuglyGoing to Getugly Oh…. so it’s because they don’t want to live around a bunch of people who don’t speak the same language as they do and who don’t share their culture! Now I understand why they don’t want to go to Mexico.
Amy SteryAS: Easier to assimilate into a group of people with – almost – similar ideals. Culture in Canada is too difficult to pin point as we have so much ethnicity (unless you go to Quebec or British Columbia… maybe even Alberta). To go to another country with so much of their own culture, it would be difficult to adjust.

They would probably be able to afford the hell outta mexico. The climate is beautiful too. But the battles between the cartels and government have been pretty extreme.

Going to GetuglyGoing to Getugly  I see…. so these people feel that immigration works best when the immigrants have very similar cultures, traditions and values as the place they are moving to. After all, it makes assimilation so much easier. I see your point…. that makes a lot of sense!

Jackie BossJB: Think about it. Mexico is pretty corrupt, dirty cops, bad government, cartels who pretty much have power over police and government etc. Mexico is beautiful and probably the most fun place I’ve been to for vacation, but I wouldn’t want to live there

Going to GetuglyGoing to Getugly  OH MY GOD! Is it THAT bad? Somebody should build a wall or something!

Jackie BossJB: If you read my previous post I said Mexico was beautiful and one of the most fun places ive ever been. I like Mexico and no they should NOT build a wall, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is a dangerous country

Going to GetuglyGoing to Getugly Yes … I read your post very carefully. You said it was a beautiful country full of dirty cops, corruption and violent drug cartels. As you say, a very dangerous country. And if you, your family, your kids lived in a town that was right on the border of that very ‘dangerous country’… and if thousands of undocumented people from that place were streaming over that border every year right into your community…. do you think your attitude about building a wall might be different?

Jackie BossJB: I still don’t support building a wall. They leave their country for a reason: a better life. It may not be done legally, but most of those illegal immigrants dont come to cause trouble. So, no they should not build a stupid wall! 

Going to GetuglyGoing to Getugly  I asked you if you think your perspective might be different if you lived near the border of a country that you have described as dangerous, corrupt and full of violent drug cartels. In other words, can you show empathy for the people for whom this is a real, daily concern…. rather than merely preaching to them from a comfortable distance of thousands of miles away?

Anyone else feeling relieved these people lost?


reeIt’s not a hitherto submerged but widespread racism, misogyny, bigotry etc. of the so called ‘alt-right’ that the election of Donald Trump has allowed to come spilling forth into the world….. it is the unstable, hyper-emotional, narcissistic and infantile irrationality of the allegedly ‘progressive’ Left that has broken free of all restraints…. like an unhinged, shamelessly self-aggrandising Frankenstein’s monster that is now rampaging across the land.

The more self-serving, reason-free hysteria I see of the kind the author of this grotesque Slate screed has indulged in the more relieved I am that these mentally and emotionally fragile people didn’t get their way.

Here’s the original Slate article (if you can stomach it): There’s No Such Thing as a Good Trump Voter

Rebuttals of the Week#6: Annoying Self-Righteous Canadian Alert!


No… not Justin Trudeau. Or even David Suzuki. Although both would easily qualify.

No, this time it’s life of the Party, Naomi Kline. And she has travelled thousands of miles in a huge, fossil fuel guzzling, CO2 spewing jet (business class no doubt)…. has been driven back and forth between airport, luxury hotel and media studios in fossil fuel guzzling, CO2 spewing cars… getting treated like a VIP…. eating well and often….. all so she can lecture average working people in Australia about how they are obliged to feel ashamed of their lifestyle and modest standard of living.

Yes folks. It’s climate change again. You’d forgotten about it, hadn’t you? What with all the hysteria about the US election and Donald Trump taking up so much oxygen for the past several months.

Naomi hasn’t forgotten about it. Nope. Naomi never forgets about it. And she considers it her business to make sure you don’t forget about it either.


Professional obnoxious, self-righteous bores like Kline and Suzuki seem to really embolden the amateur obnoxious, self-righteous bores that are  out there.

Below is the response from one of these self-anointed, amateur intellectual powerhouses to a comment of mine that expressed my reasoned disinclination to obediently submit to the judgements of the hypocritical academic class of which Kline is a privileged member.

Brenton Boswell B B : Imagine this for a moment: let’s say in a month from now, having made a genuine effort to listen and learn and think, you find that you have changed your mind and that climate change is in fact real and desperately, frighteningly urgent. How would you look back on your previous attitude? Would it be with shame or anger? To what extent would you blame yourself? Or should you blame others? I can answer that for you: it’s not really your fault. You have been actively misled by businesses that make *trillions* of dollars out of fossil energy production. You have also been ‘in denial’ in a way that is common to all human beings, i.e. we deny our fear of death. Think of it this way: clinging to ultimately false and foolish disinformation is not rare: it’s normal. What is rare is science: a disciplined approach to knowledge that in some ways is only 250 years old. The fact that you haven’t yet understood what makes science different from all other human beliefs is therefore not surprising. There are thousands like you. Don’t be angry. Just see what you can learn. The evidence and information, and patient people who can teach you, are available.

The dripping condescension and the assumption that anyone who doesn’t share his uncritical devotion to the ‘catastrophic man-made climate change narrative’ must never have heard the various slogans, clichés and ‘go-to’ talking points they all rely on is pretty standard. The weird faux-Freudian ‘denial of death’ stuff is a nice innovation though.

Here’s how I slapped him down:

Going to Getugly – Going to GetuglyIf you’re going to use fallacious arguments, at least try to come up with an original one… don’t just parrot standard clichés like “you’ve been brainwashed by oil companies and all of their anti man-made climate catastrophe propaganda !”

I’m always amused by people who mindlessly regurgitate that one as if it’s some devastating insight.

Because we are constantly being bombarded with oil funded, anti-climate change propaganda, right? It’s everywhere! I mean, we can go back to that multi-million dollar , Oscar-winning movie by a former American vice president that promoted the anti-man made climate change message…..

Oh wait. That was promoting the concept of man-made climate change.

Well, there’s all the messaging in schools indoctrinating children into disbelieving in man-made climate change….

Oh wait. That’s all promoting the unquestioning belief in man-made climate change.

Well, there’s the mass media which has spent the last 15 years legitimising only one side of the argument and promoting the belief that the ‘science is settled’ and proves that man-made climate change is not true….

Oh wait. They’ve done that for the pro man-made climate change side.

Well, at least we can point to all of the major politicians in the world who refuse to get on-board with the pro man-made climate change agenda! That’s why there’s been no carbon tax programs introduced anywhere. No cap-and-trade programs. No taxpayer subsidised ‘green initiatives’. No wind turbines erected anywhere etc. And of course there was that huge gathering last year in Paris when all of the world leaders got together to formalise their total rejection of the catastrophic man-made climate change premise and signed documents pledging not to pretend they can control the temperature of a planet to within fractions of a degree, 20 years into the future!

Oh, wait….

So essentially we’ve had 10-15 years of consistent, unified and exclusively pro man-made climate change messaging from the mass media, the education system, the entertainment industry and the political class (in other words, society’s elites). But your conclusion is that people such as yourself whose position on the subject conforms precisely with that wall of single-focused messaging are the people who are free from the effects of propaganda and manipulation……and it’s people like me whose perspective is at odds with messaging that is constantly streamed from every easily accessible source and yet maintain that there are legitimate reasons for remaining sceptical despite overwhelming pressure to conform… it’s us who are the weak-minded victims of a  program of propaganda that is nowhere to be found.

Yeah, yeah Brenton… there’s absolutely nothing about that premise that is in spectacular defiance of simple logic or is in any way hilariously ironic.

No seriously… the depth of your insight and the potency of your reasoning skills totally justifies your pose of intellectual superiority which otherwise would just come across as adolescent and embarrassing.

Not surprisingly, he gave up after that.

A ‘Progressive’ reacts to the US election results












Mainstream media: ‘Boo hoo! No one appreciates us!’


Reid: Curse Mainstream Media (MSM) all you like, but beware the Alt-Right even more

You know you’re in for some fair and balanced analysis when an editorialist in a major newspaper begins his column with this:

“In less than a week the free world might be ruled by an orange-skinned Bond villain. If that happens, voters will have only themselves to blame. But it’s also as good an excuse as any to lash out at the media and the role it’s played in this tunnel-of-terrors election campaign we’ve all been forced to endure.”

Scott Reid is about as mainstream media establishment as you can get in Canada. Besides running a big league PR company called Feschuk Reid, he was Senior Advisor and Director of Communications to Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin and has served in senior communication capacities on national, provincial and municipal election campaigns. He is the co-anchor of National Affairs on the CTV News Channel in Canada. Reid is also a regular contributor on politics, current affairs and communications to several Canadian print publications including The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, National Post, and Maclean’s magazine.

If anyone should have ‘Mainstream Media Dude’ as a vanity licence plate, it’s this guy.

And guess what? Reid isn’t so keen on the alternative media. In fact, he’s feeling a bit underappreciated.

And it’s YOUR fault!

Why? Well, isn’t it obvious? It’s because you’re too thick to understand that only people in the mainstream media are worth paying attention to!

In his recent column for the Ottawa Citizen, Reid has offered an exceptional example of a mainstream media insider whining about how the population is too stupid to appreciate what a fantastic job the MSM is doing.

It’s a Canadian example that is indicative of the hubris of mainstream media elites throughout the Western world. And it is precisely why their industry is dying.

Reid opines: “If people are threatened for doing their job — especially when their job is to provide challenge to those who seek power — then that represents a real attack on institutions and norms that we rely upon to help order our democracies”.

Reid conveniently bypasses the obvious issue that applies to any industry: If people perceive that you are not providing the service you claim to provide, they are entitled to reject you.

Clearly, many people have discerned that the mainstream media is conspicuously selective in the degree to which they “provide challenge to those who seek power”. But rather than recognising their own failure to convince the electorate of their objectivity, the MSM has increasingly adopted the attitude of an enlightened class that the masses are obliged to appreciate for their superior insight and wisdom.

I suppose the sheer ignorance of everyone not dependant on traditional media for their living could be one explanation for why people are abandoning those sources of information  in droves. The other possibility is that the MSN has become just another institution that has calcified into a culture constricted by very conventional thinking and which therefore only hires people who are capable of generating content that reflects very conventional thinking. This means that when smart people turn to mainstream media, they find themselves confronted with insights that strike them as mediocre and predictable at best.

The dreaded alternative media may be something of a Wild West of ideas and viewpoints…. but unlike Reid and others wedded to convention, thinking people find this intellectual environment stimulating, challenging and refreshing. Reid and his colleagues apparently find it distasteful and threatening.

Boo hoo.