HuffPost article an example of feminist/progressive lack of principles

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Of the many confounding, infuriating characteristics that “progressives”/feminists/the Left embody, their apparent total disregard for consistency in the application of their professed superior values has to be near the top of the head-explosion inducing list. Time and again they appear completely oblivious to their hypocrisy and indifferent to it when it is directly pointed out.

And I think there is a simple explanation for this: they have no principles.

If you have principles, you apply them across the board. Attitudes and behaviours that you judge as reprehensible when perpetrated by parties you dislike cannot suddenly become acceptable, even virtuous when engaged by parties you support. So something like, oh, I don’t know… sexist bigotry for example, can’t be seen as bad only when directed towards your own gender.

And anyone who is hyper-vigilant and quick to loudly condemn others for alleged ethical transgressions that they or their comrades indulge in without shame or hesitation are not only deserving of contempt – they have demonstrated such a chronic lack of insight and self-awareness that dismissing them and their perspective as unworthy of serious consideration is wholly justified.

Speaking of feminists, a cringeworthy example of parental advice/negative generalization about boys, posted under the delightful heading – Don’t Rape Anyone And Be Home By Nine – recently appeared on the Huffington Post Canada web site. Implicit in this caption and carried through in the piece is the premise that the author – exquisitely politically correct, progressive, lesbian, single mom Meredith Fowke – expects you to take as a given: that the default setting for boys is rape. And the only thing standing between the evil intentions hardwired into the DNA of your sons and the safety of the pubescent girls in their peer group is the relentless haranguing of boys by perfect social justice warrior moms like herself to acknowledge and resist their own despicable male nature.

Her own son is only 11 years old, and you can’t help but pity the poor kid as you read through Fowke’s boastful litany of age-inappropriate PC indoctrination that she has inflicted on him over his short lifetime. For instance, while preparing a meal after presenting him with his first cell phone, she instructs:

“Never send a photo of your penis or any part of anyone else’s body to anyone.”

Yeah. That’s the sort of thing an 11 year old boy wants to be hearing from his mom. I’m guessing she never paused to consider how comfortable she would have been as an 11 year old girl to have her daddy suddenly start talking about her vagina at the dinner table. But who needs self-reflection when self-righteousness is so gratifying?

Her son’s response to this was to exclaim, “What?! Why would I do that?” Proving once again that even boys under the age of 12 have more common sense than your average adult feminist.

By the way, here’s a thought – if you’re so concerned that a warning such as this is necessary when giving children cell phones…. then you probably shouldn’t be giving children cell phones! 

She also announces proudly that in the last six months she explained the acronym FHRITP to him (what 11 year old isn’t well served by having that information?) – as well as telling him “that internet porn is a very poor and dangerous pedagogy and what consent means.”

Ah, yes… brings me back to the heart-warming chats I had with my own dear old mum as a little boy. “Tell me more about dangerous pedagogy, mumsy,” I’d say as she tucked me into bed at night. Good times.

Fowke recounts bringing up with her son the topic of  a teacher she had read about who wanted a student thrown in jail for allegedly writing unsettling rap lyrics about her. The offending passages apparently referred to her as someone he wanted to “choke out”, called her a “fat slut” and “hoped she died in a car accident.”

Fowke’s son summed up the pugnacious poet succinctly: “He’s stupid.”

Now, you would expect most decent parents to be proud of this adroit ethical evaluation from their little boy. You’d think they would be quick to congratulate him and reinforce this as an indication of healthy moral development. “That’s right, son! Way to go!” Something along those lines.

But not this mommy. See, her little boy’s response wasn’t good enough for her. In fact, by her own account, rather than congratulating him, she made it clear to him that he was wrong. “No”, she scolded. “He’s a misogynist.”

Can you believe this?

And the most irritating part is that this woman is proud of treating her son this way! She’s boasting about it on HuffPost for God’s sake!

She writes,  “”What’s a misogynist?” he asked. And off we went…”

Yeah, I bet. Poor little bugger.

Now remember, it’s not like this was something that had spontaneously intruded into the child’s awareness, which he then brought up with his mother who gently helped him process in a way that was comfortable for him. Nope. It was Fowke who introduced it as a topic for discussion with her 11 year old. She imposed the adult subject matter onto this little boy and then imposed an interpretation of it that was well beyond a child’s frame of reference.

This is ugly stuff. She basically set her son up so she could hammer him with feminist ideology. And let’s not be fooled – she didn’t do this for his benefit. She did it for her own satisfaction.

And again, what is so infuriating about women like this is that she is unshakeably convinced of her own exceptional righteousness.

The mindset of these women is well represented by the photo that Huffington Post Canada chose to accompany the article. I think this is their true conception of the proper dynamic between the sexes in general: Women as dominant, authoritarian judges forever wagging their disapproving fingers in the face of men reduced to supplicant, submissive and powerless boys.


It’s shameful and pathetic. And as you ponder the nature of these ego inflated, narcissistic, shallow-minded control freaks – give a thought to the generation of boys and girls having their conception of themselves and each other twisted by these godawful people.

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Women don’t like debating on television… so there must be something wrong with men

Self-Censored, 36 X 48 inches

It seems not a lot of women want to appear as a panel member on the Australian current affairs TV show Q&A. Apparently, this is a serious problem. And judging by the recent article penned by the show’s producer Amanda Collinge ( Producer reveals the disturbing reason why Q&A has a “problem” with women ), the disturbing cause is that there is something wrong with men.

qThis appears to be the go-to explanation for women these days when other women don’t behave the way they’d like them to.

Women don’t want to be involved in politics? It’s because there’s something wrong with men.

Women don’t want to become engineers and computer programmers? It’s because there’s something wrong with men.

Women don’t like having to defend their opinions on TV? It’s because there’s something wrong with men.

Okay, which is it? Are women such fragile, incapable, creatures so lacking in autonomy and agency they expect men and society to make special allowances for them in order to accommodate their unique sensitivities?

Or are women strong, agentic individuals who dismiss traditional stereotypes of the “weaker sex”; who are as able and capable as men, need and expect no special treatment and want nothing other than equal opportunity in society?

These are mutually exclusive positions. The farce of women demanding they be seen as the latter while embodying the former has gone on without challenge long enough.

Pick one, ladies!

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Your government has a message for you…… “IT’S NEVER OKAY!”


Want to know how your political leaders really think of you? Just look at the “public service” propaganda they produce to influence your behaviour!

It becomes clear very quickly that they think you are a mob of awful, uncivilized perverts. They also believe that it is their job to instruct the common slobs who pay their wages how to conduct themselves as decent people like themselves.

Climate change is an “Opinion-Product”

Inspiration, 48 X 36 inchesI am sure I am not the only person who has noticed that critical thinking appears to be in short supply these days… not just on the issue of climate change, but in general.

Our little epoch is marked by a tendency for people to adopt and internalize prepackaged opinions on all sorts of subjects for all sorts of reasons other than objective truth. Essentially, it’s mass consumerism pushed to it’s inevitable extreme: we’ve gone from mass-marketing desirable physical objects to mass-marketing desireable subjective opinions. And in both cases, it’s the convenience that really sells the product.

Peter Hitchens’ exquisite advice for everyone under 35 and all “progressives” in general

cimbers 2 copy

“They have mistaken one thing for another: They have mistaken speculation and opinion for certainty and fact.

They’ve mistaken their own captivation with an idea they believe to be good for the truth and this is invariably wrong and dangerous. 

They should be told that one day that properly nurtured and with a fair amount of reading and education they will reach the stage that the rest of us have reached and realize that most of things they have said all their life were wrong, and to bear that in mind now.”

Peter Hitchens

More proof that feminists, “progressives” and the Left in general are beyond taking seriously


Seriously folks, it is becoming more and more evident that the world is dividing between the inheritors of the Western Enlightenment and the shamelessly entitled, self-indulgent, hyper-emotional infantilism that so called “progressives” are trying desperately to normalize as appropriate adult characteristics.

It has to be fought, resisted and called out at every opportunity.

Kudos to Milo Yiannopoulos for his fearless public resistance to this sub-mental tyranny!