Rebuttals Of The Week #43: ‘But I really really want to believe that conforming to group-think means I’m smart!”


Sandi C: Whenever someone screams “fake news!” I immediately assume they’re unable to think themselves through regular life.

Going to Getugly: That’s right Sandi. Everyone reflexively conforming to the “Look at me! I hate Trump too!” group-think and who bought into the now thoroughly falsified ‘Russian collusion’ conspiracy theory are the embodiment of the capacity to ‘think for themselves’.
That’s quite an impressively Orwellian interpretation.

Sandi C: The Russian collusion conspiracy wasn’t falsified. Now that the Muller report has been released beyond the AG who told Trump what he wanted to hear, it looks like there was collusion. I haven’t read it yet, but will be. I’d suggest you do the same.

Going to Getugly: Yes Sandi, it was falsified. Look, I understand that you are still deeply motivated to continue believing that your mindless conformity to the group-think was an indication of how enlightened and insightful you are… and like everyone who bought into the conspiracy theory your ego is now imploding. Unfortunately the impulse for a lot of people when faced with the choice between protecting their ego and acknowledging reality is to protect their ego.
You are one of those people Sandi.

Sandi C: on hun…group-think? Really? That’s what you’ve pulled out of “let’s all read the report and come to conclusions based on the report not what Trump wants us to believe”?

Going to Getugly:  Sandi… the report is out. Everyone has had the opportunity to read it. You’ve lost. It’s time to come to grips with the fact that YOU are one of the naive, easily manipulated people who bought into this ridiculous conspiracy theory because you are a conformist and your priority is aligning yourself with whatever appears to you to be the most fashionable attitude to hold in the moment.

There are informed and credible people who despise Trump but who, unlike you, hold themselves to principle and rationality… the Left wing journalist Glen Greenwald springs to mind…. and who recognize that this entire thing as a farce and a particularity dangerous one at that.

This should be a lesson to you to identify how your own intellectual and ethical weaknesses makes you susceptible to manipulation by powerful interests who market themselves to you as the righteous and trustworthy faction of the ruling class.


Rebuttals of the Week #40: The Mueller Report: Truth takes a backseat to preferred conclusions

That is to say, in the summary dreamed up by Trump’s staunch Republican Attorney General pick, William Barr.

Going to Getugly:
You people are beyond delusional at this point.

You think not enough evidence to legally prove guilt is the same as innocence.

Going to Getugly:
YES! Of course! What would you think if you were accused of something and your enemies said that just because there is no evidence whatsoever that you did what we’ve accused you of doing it doesn’t mean you’re not guilty?

Seriously… you people have detached yourselves to such an extent from logic, principle and objectivity that you can longer distinguish between what is real and what is merely some belief in your head that you really want to be real.

It’s literally why courts say “not guilty” instead of “innocent”. We do not legally declare innocence, only that guilt hasn’t been adequately demonstrated.
In this case, the circle of people around trump convicted of crimes is very indicative, and their statements regarding his complicity also. But circumstantial.
Still, we haven’t seen the report. We know it doesn’t recommend the DOJ pursue further indictments. That does not mean it hasn’t recommended indictments be pursued by other judicial bodies – ones that AREN’T subject to presidential pardons.
Could be why the alt-right administration is now fighting so hard to prevent the release.
Stick around.

Going to Getugly:
Yeah yeah Joel. That’s “literally” what courts do. Except they don’t. Perhaps you’ve heard of a quaint axiom of our justice systems in the West… ‘innocent until proven guilty’. Then again… your comments here suggest that you are completely ignorant of that foundational notion of Western civilization.

Okay idiot. Enjoy being conned further. Check back with me when it all comes out and you’re ready to apologise for being such a failure.
NB: Trump is obviously guilty and people like you are only feigning disbelief. You know he is.

Going to Getugly:
No Joel. We’ve been hearing the “check back with me” line for two years from you people who are determined to believe that your abandonment of independent thinking in favour of conformity to fashionable group think was an indication of your moral and intellectual superiority. That was the response all the way along as this propaganda fell apart bit by bit… the mantra was “CHECK BACK WITH ME when the Mueller report comes out! THEN you’ll be apologising for being such a failure!”

And now that the thing that you all pinned all of your credibility on has turned out to invalidate the conclusion you all uncritically accepted… you’re responding by moving the goal posts into the Twilight Zone rather than acknowledge what smart people have been saying from the start… that YOU are the people who are the most easily manipulated, most naive and who are the mindless slaves who submit to whatever is marketed to you as ‘right think’ by the established ruling class. YOU are the ones who uncritically accepted the propaganda pushed out by the entrenched establishment. 

The truth here Joel is that you know now that it’s YOU who was conned. It’s undeniable by your own standards. The Mueller report was supposed to be the final word that confirmed everything! And you are all acting like the kid who finds the Santa Claus costume in his parents closet and still tells himself that it doesn’t mean Santa isn’t real.

Let’s see how our moral superiors on the ‘progressive’ Left went out of their way to characterize a bunch of children…


Here is a small sample of how members of the uniquely compassionate, caring, peace loving, tolerant, empathetic, inclusive, non judgmental, inherently morally and intellectually superior and unfailingly correct in every perception, opinion and interpretation Trump hating ‘progressives’-Left  characterized a bunch of CHILDREN who it is now quite evident were being harassed and intimidated by two groups of grown men who were clearly bigots….

Melissa Dailey Ellsworth: These kids are garbage.

Susel Munoz: the kids were projecting themselves like little fascist Hitlers students . 

Oliver Froh: MAGA morons headed for the anti-choice march discovered they like racism too, just like their christofascist parents.

Lisa Solomon: Truth is …you have on that Maga hat, so we know what you stand for, and you’re an arrogant, disrespectful little prick

Héctor Fredes: The young prick in the red cap desperately wants a punch in the nose to wipe that smug smirk off his face.

John Moto: Give you a idea of the sort of horrible people who are right to lifers, nasty mean spirited bigots.

Deborah Burgess: Those kids are 100% revolting even their school agree they were wrong

Cindy Salinas Green” Trumpturds coming of age. Pathetic. Can’t even make it to adulthood without fckng things up. Cowards.

Heather C. Buchanan-Leek: I bet that’s what Brett Kavanaugh’s face looked like back in the day.

Erick Robinson: someone need to wipe the smile off his face

Mona Mack: Happy he was identified, i really hope colleges make a note of him too. He is Disgraceful to the Catholic Church/ school and it’s teachings.

Eddie Watson: He looks so proud doesn’t he, sadly he is, and even sadder still, his parents will have this photo on their wall in celebration of t eir and their sons’ beliefs. He just looks like a kid you’d love to smack in the mouth doesn’t he. These kids are from a religious school, the school bussed them in, not for this rally but an anti-abortion rally. But they felt comfortable doing this, which shows that they knew their school would approve. This is the America Trump is building, like everything else that bloated sexual predator builds, it’s foundations are weak, and it will end in bankruptcy, sadly that means the US has no future as a world leader for the right values. You can easily imagine this little prick wearing a Hitler Youth uniform in the 40s while attacking an old Jewish man in the streets. And being just as proud.

Former CNN contributor Reza Aslan: Honest question. Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kids?

CNN legal analyst Bakari Sellers: He is deplorable. Some ppl can also be punched in the face.

Allged comedian and CNN contributor Kathy Griffin: Name these kids. I want NAMES. Shame them. If you think these f***ers wouldn’t dox you in a heartbeat , think again.

Hollywood movie producer Jack Morrissey: MAGAkids go screaming, hats first, into the woodchipper.

Democrat Howard Dean: Covington Catholic High School seems like a hate factory to me. Why not just close it?

Contributor to New York Media’s pop culture site Vulture Erik Abriss: I don’t know what it says about me but I’ve truly lost the ability to articulate the hysterical rage, nausea, and heartache this makes me feel. I just want these people to die. Simple as that. Every single one of them. And their parents. Look at the shit-eating grins on all those young white slugs’ faces. Just perverse pleasure at wielding a false dominion they’ve been taught their whole life was their divine right. F–ing die.”

Rebuttals of the Week #35: Why does the Left appear not to know that having principles is even ‘a thing’?


“At a reception Thursday night for the progressive group, Rep. Rashida Tlaib vowed that the new Democratic-controlled House would be focusing on ousting President Donald Trump from office…..”we’re gonna go in there and we’re gonna impeach the motherf——.”


Chris K: Well seeing Trump has the least amount of class as any human on the planet good on her!

Going to Getugly:  It’s amazing watching people who don’t know how to think fall into the same obvious trap every time. It’s a pretty simple issue of holding consistent standards: By defending her for doing something that you are condemning Trump for doing you are showing yourself to be a hypocrite with no principles.

How do you guys manage to make this generic reasoning mistake over and over again and to be completely oblivious to it?

Chris K:  I don’t really give a shit who says what but it’s hilarious seeing the right get up in arms about using the word mother fucker about a guy who basically admitted to sexually assaulting women. Not alone the multiple accusations against him.

Going to Getugly: No Chris. You’re once again demonstrating the atrocious reasoning and blindness to hypocrisy common among people who have chosen to ground their sense of their moral identity in aligning with the “Look at me! I hate Trump too!” group-think.

It was YOU guys who did as you were told and treated this politically motivated leaking by biased media of a crude comment to a buddy in the back of a bus made in private 10 years before Trump ran for office as if it was a big deal. And now that we have this political enemy of Trump who is deliberately using this vulgar and profane expression to describe her political opponent in a public address to her supporters and who is receiving justifiable condemnation for it…. YOU guys are openly demonstrating what hypocrites you are and how you are all completely devoid of any principles by trying to justify it and by supporting her.

It’s always the same thing… the more you guys try to rationalize your positions the more you prove that it’s YOU who are the unethical, self-serving and the intellectually barren ones. NOT the people you like telling yourselves are your moral and intellectual inferiors.

Rebuttals of the Week #31: Kavanaugh’s ‘temperament’ makes him unfit? No… you’re just a mouthpiece for propaganda.



This past week we watched as Republican nominee to the Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh was forced to defend himself against increasingly wild accusations piled onto the original allegations of sexual assault from almost four decades ago which his accuser’s own named witnesses refused to corroborate under oath. Immediately following the hearings Democrats uniformly began promoting the same bizarre, cold and calculated narrative: That the emotion judge Kavanaugh displayed while defending himself is itself proof … wait for it… of his lack of fitness for the position on the Supreme Court.

Apparently the premise here is that  it is shockingly inappropriate  for a  man  under immense pressure to express indignation and anger at having his life, the lives of his wife and daughters and his reputation systematically destroyed in public for political purposes…. if he is a judge.

Why you ask? Well… because as everyone knows and as everyone has always known… the established norm is that when a judge’s life is torn to shreds under these circumstance the universally accepted standard is that he express no normal human emotion whatsoever or demonstrate any personal investment in the annihilation of his career, his good name and his reputation.

He must remain inert. Unmoved. He must accept being labelled a sadistic  serial rapist with  placid good humour. Anything other than that is abnormal; an indication of a ‘temperament’ that no one who has ever been confirmed as a Supreme Court judge would ever have demonstrated had he or she been subjected to the same thing. As more than one Democrat and their allies in the media have remarked, if this is how he reacts to having his life ruined for political purposes…. can you imagine what he’d  do with a couple beers in him?

Any objective observer regardless of their partisan preferences could immediately recognize this as nothing but the agreed upon, ruthless spin that the Democrats constructed to advance their political agenda of thwarting not just Kavanaugh’s appointment… but the appointment of any conservative judge to the Supreme Court.

The truth is that this has been the political strategy employed by the Democrats well before Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein brought forth the allegations against Kavanaugh which she had been sitting on for six weeks. The quote below from the New York Times lays it all out:

“Saving the Supreme Court from Trump’s clutches has always involved a very complicated two-step: first, block Kavanaugh, then fight like hell to win back the Senate,” said Brian Fallon, a 2016 campaign adviser to Hillary Clinton who helped start a group called Demand Justice to fight conservative judicial nominations. “If Kavanaugh drops out, we’re halfway there. If Democrats are able to win back the Senate, we’d have a path to blocking Trump from picking any of the archconservatives on his shortlist.”

These are the extreme political machinations which form the context in which all of these events are taking place. This is a raw drive for power. Nothing noble. Nothing good. Sadly, many people are too ill-informed or too wholly given over to personal bias and blind ideological partisanship to allow any of this context to inform their interpretations or intrude upon their preferred conclusions.

In the naive, fixed constellation that is their worldview… all things Republican, Trump and conservative are malevolent and evil by definition. Their guilt and soullessness are preordained. This is treated as an axiom built into the very fabric of reality itself. There is nothing to think about. No generosity is to be afforded them. No one gets the benefit of the doubt. If you express anguish and anger as your life is systematically destroyed around you it will be interpreted as confirmation of your malevolence and incompetence. You will be openly mocked for it. If you remain stoic and detached your lack of emotion will be denounced as evidence of your guilt….”An innocent man would be furious if he was accused of such things don’t you know!”

At the same time, all things Democratic, liberal and ‘progressive‘ are unquestioningly accepted as intrinsically benevolent. They’re the tolerant, compassionate, empathetic morally excellent people after all. They must be. They tell us so all of the time. They deserve nothing but the benefit of the doubt. Their motivations are always pure and they are preternaturally immune to self-interest, lust for power, dishonesty and corruption. Why would you scrutinize and question their practices, ethics and motivations when they constantly reassure us that everything they do is righteous and just?

It is this state of childlike belief in the inherent trustworthiness of one side of the political spectrum and equally childlike belief in the cartoonish malevolence of the other that renders people so receptive to propaganda. When this is coupled with the passive absorption of messaging from a 24/7 media presence with multiple sources all projecting the same handful of video clips, soundbites and interpretations…. you end up with the pattern we see now: Politically motivated, constructed narrative leaves the lips of viciously partisan politicians… is repetitively broadcast directly into minds already primed to receive the massaging… where it is instantly transmuted into personal opinion and conviction without reflection and repeated.

Below is one of many exchanges I’ve had online over the last few days with people who are reflexively parroting the official Democratic narrative… practically verbatim.. and treating it as personal insight:

Ian Hunter: The verdict is in: Kavanaugh does not have the credibility or temperament to be a Supreme Court justice. He failed the job interview.

Going to Getugly: You are yet another person here who is demonstrating just how effective the media is at constructing the opinions of people who are easily manipulated.

It has been very revealing reading comments on media outlets in the US, Canada and Australia since the end of the hearings and seeing just how quickly people began mindlessly parroting this talking point of the Democrats… almost word for word… which has been repeatedly broadcast by Democrat friendly media about how he supposedly “not fit for the highest court in the land”. The most chilling part of it is that you’re all acting like this is an idea that you came up with on your own.

Immediately after the hearing Democrats began uniformly repeating the same messaging which was clearly the official Party narrative that had been decided should be imposed:

Democrat Robert Reich: “demonstrates a temperament unbecoming of Justice on the Supreme Court.”

Democrat Diane Feinstein: I have never seen someone who wants to be elevated to the highest court in the country behave in that manner.

Democrat Richard Blumenthal : “My opposition solidified because of temperament and fitness, which I believe he virtue of the screed that he sat here and gave us.”

Democrat Nancy Pelosi: “We know one thing… he does not have the temperament to be a judge.”

I suppose it’s theoretically possible that it’s mere coincidence that these people on comment sections  just happen to be mimicking the Democratic narrative that the media has been repetitively broadcasting…

Ian H (Canada): “Just watching him answer the questions, he doesn’t have the fortitude and composure you’d want in someone in such a high position.”

Bek D (Australia): he clearly does not have the appropriate temperament or mentality for such a role!

Eli W (Canada) : “His demeanour and explicit partisanship alone should discount him. It is unprofessional.”

Eileen M (US): I felt that way at first but then watched him at the hearing where he revealed he is unsuitable for that important seat.

Itty R (Canada): “what I witnessed in his hearing showed that he is completely unfit to be on the Supreme Court or actually any judicial role.”

Maureen E (Canada) : “Kavanaugh was a belligerent bully who evaded all the question asked and lacks the dignity and unbiased demeanour required to preside over a court of law at any level.”

That’s a pretty widespread coincidence. It’s almost as if people are passively internalizing uniform messaging that has been broadcast at them and they are now regurgitating it as if it was their own idea.

Rebuttals of the Week #22: My generic Left ideology is better than your generic Right ideology!

Don’t Look At This Page: Both sides of American politics are rotten to the core and serve big business and the Military Industrial Complex.

Going to Getugly: That’s probably true. The whole Trump thing of course is that this guy was the first guy to come along who was not entrenched in that establishment and who represents the only opportunity to push back against that system . That’s why everyone who is part of the establishment hates his guts and is desperate to depose him… including most of the Republican establishment. By the way… it’s not just ‘American’ politics. Australian politics is a branch plant of the same system.

Don’t Look At This Page: Trump is very much part of the establishment. His policies are designed to make the 1% even wealthier. He is a hardcore capitalist. Bernie Sanders could have been a real alternative and would have stopped the wealthy plundering the poor and the middle class, but the Democrats screwed him over because he was a threat to the wealthy capitalists who also run the Democratic party. Hillary was a crook. The U.S system is rigged and as you correctly assert, so too is the Australian system.

Going to Getugly: As soon as you start regurgitating generic slogans like “the 1%” you are demonstrating that you are just another group-thinker who believes that the prepackaged ideology that you’ve given yourself over to is better than the prepackaged ideology you are railing against...”Bernie Sanders is the cult leader who you should think has all the answers!” Ridiculous. It’s not picking one ideology over another ideology. It’s recognizing that the problem is ideology itself. Cultivate the capacity to think for yourself. Develop some genuine principles and privilege the pursuit of truth… not the pursuit of what is gratifying for you to believe.

‘Shithole-gate’: Democrats responsible for inflaming racial tensions, not Trump


Scott Adams made a great point about this that should have been obvious to all of us. First of all, assuming the accusation is true, there is no excuse for Trump’s language… very dumb. But what is the responsibility of the person who takes an off-the-cuff remark made in the context of a specific discussion in a private meeting and makes it public… thereby completely changing the context?

In other words, the only person whose conscious intention in all of this was to do damage, inflict hurt and sow division was the person who leaked the comment.

It’s fascinating how we are all falling for the ruse by allowing ourselves to be totally deflected from holding to account the individual whose actions actually caused all of the harm. Despite the enthusiasm of the morally excellent crowd to rush to judgement and start chucking around the word ‘racist’… the private intentions behind an alleged comment made off-the-cuff in a private meeting, taken out of context and which we only know about as the result of claims made by Trump’s political enemies are clearly unknowable.

However, the intentions of the person who leaked the alleged comment are self-evident. It was to betray the President’s confidence and deliberately inflame the tinderbox of racial tensions and divisiveness currently consuming the US in order to hurt Trump politically.  Making it public served no other purpose.

The morally outrageous offence here is not ‘racism’ on Trump’s behalf.

It is the pettiness, vindictiveness and willingness to sacrifice national and even international stability for the sake of political expediency on behalf of Trump’s opponents in the Democratic Party.

This is a level of irresponsibility and political ruthlessness that would make Machiavelli wince.

And everyone fell for it.