Rebuttals of the Week #42: ‘Fascism’ is first and foremost a mindset.


Mark G:
This article nails what right wing fascism is, but there’s a unique variant appearing on the hard left as well. On the left it’s an intolerance of different points of view, any challenge to its increasing fundamentalism is met with name calling and vehement accusations of the challenger being Alt right. At this rate the hard left make Stalin look Alt right.

David O: What exactly is the threat of this hard left? Speaking a little nicer to people?

Going to Getugly: David, you are demonstrating  precisely the narcissism and moral self-aggrandizement that is at the centre of the ‘progressive’-Left. It’s the assumption that by adopting a particular set of ideological constructs it makes you morally superb, benevolent and unfailingly correct by default.

The grotesque irony is that this assumption of the absolute righteousness of fashionable ideological beliefs is precisely the mindset that gave rise and support to Fascists in Europe in the 1930’s.


Rebuttals of the Week #38 : Five words to win an argument with a Leftist: ‘How do you know that?’


Dale N: Xenophobia, Racisim and hate crimes/speech are definitely on the rise in general and pose an inarguable threat as they always have, but the alarming and shocking rise of Islamophobia is absolutely exploding and poses extreme and real danger to not just Canadian muslims but muslims in general. Furthermore Andrew Scheer, Maxime Bernier and all other Islamophobes like them that have no respect for other cultures or basic human rights such as abortion, LGBT rights and so much more need to be expelled from politics and any leadership role and barred from being part of any decision making process that affects Canada, a fantastic start to curbing the rise of Extremist White Nationalism is to remove and silence people that normalize it and defend it or ignore it. In short Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet are the only two current eligible leaders that have what it takes to lead this Country and to make any sort of progress to criminalizing extreme acts of Islamophobia and hate speech, which I hope happens sooner rather than later and is why I am thankful for Bill M-103 ❤ 🙂 .

Going to Getugly: “Racisim and hate crimes/speech are definitely on the rise in general and pose an inarguable threat”

How do you know that Dale?

“the alarming and shocking rise of Islamophobia is absolutely exploding”

How do you know that Dale?

Dale N:  Read the comments on this post, enough said.

Going to Getugly: So in other words… you’re spouting a load of nonsense because your priority is advertising your sense of your own moral excellence not anything to do with truth. That’s kind of pathetic Dale.

Dale N: No, I’m acknowledging that Xenophobia, White Nationalism and Islamophobia are a very real and dangerous threat here in Canada, and because of this we need to crack down on it and start finding ways to further criminalize it and fight it. I am also highlighting that particular people in positions of power endorsing, encouraging and ignoring Islamophobia, xenophobia and discrimination and acting as a conduit for White Nationalists need to be removed as to strip the “”voice”” and “”suppress”” the blind hatred and violence that stem from it.

Going to Getugly: No Dale. What you’re doing is making very specific truth claims about things and you are presenting yourself as knowing these things to objectively factual. But the actual fact is that you don’t know that those things are true at all. And for some reason people like you don’t seem to care whether or not what you say and believe is actually real. So there must be something other than talking about objective reality that is motivating you. And the only other possibility is that it is gratifying to your ego to go onto comment sections and pontificate about how morally inferior other people are to yourself.

Dale N: Islamophobia, Xenophobia and White Nationalism are real, they do exist and they are becoming a bigger threat, believe me I wish Islamophobia, Xenophobia and White Nationalism and White Supremacism were fictional concepts as the world would be a better place with less violence and less hatred, but they are factual and they have deadly results as you can see from numerous acts of violence and terrorist attacks committed against Muslims. A prime example out of many to make these dangers factual is Trump, look at what his policies are formed from and around? Look at the hate groups and white supremacists that rally for him and support him? he has even tried to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S. In short I am talking objective reality because I am showing my support that I am against Islamophobia, Xenophobia, White Nationalism and so much more, the more we talk about this problem and how to solve it the more progress we can make to making it achievable.

Dale N: I can see why you are trying so hard to discredit Islamophobia, Xenophobia and White Nationalism and paint them as fictional, your page and your followers and you yourself as the creator are part of the problem as well as contributing factors and your page is an advocate and a conduit for unification among many White Supremacist and White Nationalists.

Going to Getugly: No Dale.The problem here is that you reflexively conflate not agreeing with your hysterical but fashionable interpretations with ‘white supremacy’. You need to learn to distinguish between uncritically conforming to generic interpretations that gratify your desire to think of yourself as morally excellent and insight. All of the people that you denounce and that you probably think you understand…. like Nazis, ‘white supremacists’ or whatever… have one thing in common: They are convinced that the particular interpretive structure that they have embraced is providing them with absolute truth and bestows upon them absolute moral excellence. And therefore anyone who fails to mirror their own conformity to that interpretive structure can only represent the opposite of absolute truth and the opposite of moral excellence. In other words… they take for granted that not agreeing with them is the same thing as being objectively wrong and evil.

That is precisely what you are demonstrating here with your reflex to respond to critique of your reasoning and to encountering opinions that differ from your own by arbitrarily applying dehumanizing labels. Intellectually mature and genuinely ethical people respond to this sort of challenge by demonstrating how their own ideas are more rational and logical. Mindless ideologues do what you have done.. they label their critics morally inferior to themselves. That’s because they are not smart enough and don’t have the character to substantiate their claim to hold superior ideas and ethics.

“Populism”: The latest buzz-word for failing to conform to Leftist group-think


“Countries around the world have been gripped by an incoherent, rage-fuelled nihilism that rejects elites on the left and the right. It’s not income inequality, as many think, but a fear of immigrants undermining culture and a way of life , argue Darrell Bricker and John Ibbitson”

“I think ‘populist’ is a term that some people use for things they don’t like.” – Douglas Murray

What is driving so-called “populism” is the inevitable and completely predictable push-back by normal people against the relentless expansion and normalisation of extreme Leftist ideology in Western society. It is also the expectation of unquestioning conformity placed on the individual by elites in the political, cultural, academic and media classes who are so overwhelmingly enamoured with that ideology.

And because the people in those elite classes… people like Darrell Bricker and John Ibbitson… find it so confounding to relate to any perspective that exists outside of the closed loop of their ideological bubble… they invent dark and malignant motivations to explain to themselves why anyone would possibly reject the purity and absolute truth of their own worldview.

After several decades of displaying unprecedented goodwill and acceptance towards a series of social engineering experiments being imposed on them without consultation by  the ideologically possessed in the ruling classes… some people are… for the first time in any significant numbers… exercising their democratic right to voice their growing sense of disenchantment with the process. And how are the people who are most directly affected by the ideological fancies imposed upon them by the wealthy, powerful and protected classes treated? The moment these people open their mouths…. the moment they dare stand up for what they consider to be their own interests… they are slapped down, accused of “incoherent, rage-fuelled nihilism” and condemned for their lack of virtue by those who take their own enlightenment and moral excellence for granted.

It doesn’t seem to occur to those elite ideologues that it’s the narcissism of restructuring society in their own image and the arrogance of expecting everyone to be humbly grateful to be the beneficiaries of their self-proclaimed superior wisdom that is the real genesis and driving force of the growing discontent.

The ‘alt-right’? Get with it… that was last year’s moral panic!


The ‘alt-right‘… a vague catch phrase fashionable among Millennial alternative-media types for years… latched onto by the Clinton campaign and their puppets at CNN in the dying days of the election who turned it into an insidiously threatening bogeyman to associate with Trump.

Worth noting that since the media has moved on from months of promoting the ‘alt right’ and the return of ‘fascism’ as an imminent threat to the very fabric of society and is now focused on hyping sexual harassment as the latest media-induced moral panic….. the dire threat from the ‘alt right’ has completely evaporated and everyone has forgotten about it.



Fantasy ‘fascism’ and the totalitarian Left

We live in Orwell’s nightmare.

There was yet another demonstration that turned violent this past week. This time it was in the picturesque, 400-year-old, walled backwater known as  Quebec City of all places. It involved a legal gathering by a relatively small group that no one on the planet Earth has ever heard of called La Meute. They were apparently protesting Justin Trudeau’s government for failing to do anything about the surge of illegal, mostly Haitian migrants pouring into Quebec across their border with the US. It’s a growing problem largely generated by the outrageously irresponsible Tweet Trudeau sent out in the midst of Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim travel ban’ controversy. In an act of self-aggrandizing virtue-signalling notable for its narcissism even by what we’ve come to expect from Justin, he essentially invited all illegal immigrants in the US to come to Canada if they feared deportation to their home countries under the Trump presidency.


Anyway, the usual thugs from the far-Left showed up… bused-in 254 km from Montreal… to express their profound commitment to human decency by attacking people, destroying property and rioting. The folks from La Meute on the other hand, whose ‘far-rightyness’ was instantly proclaimed by the entire mainstream Canadian media (although I’m yet to see any attempt to support that claim by the tireless truth-seekers in Canadian journalism) and who collaborated with the police were forced to hide-out in an underground parking garage so as not to be torn to shreds by their tolerant, compassionate, loving, non-judgmental moral superiors on the allegedly ‘progressive’ Left.

You may have noticed that ever since the grotesque events in Charlottesville Virginia, the mainstream media seems to be labeling anything that isn’t ‘far-left’ as ‘far-right’… with the obvious connotations of jack-booted Nazis or slope-browed skinheads rising up from the dustbin of history to threaten all that is noble and virtuous. At the same time, they are either not identifying the far-left extremists at all… or they are treating them like the defenders of the one true and righteous belief system… whose zealous commitment to all that is wonderful and good (in other words,  their enforcement of strict conformity to Far-Left ideology) miraculously transmutes their Nazi-esque tactics  into a kind of frightening benevolence.

Maclean’s Magazine: “their violence in retaliatory self-defence was the “last resort” so often referred to by those more committed to order than justice.”

New York Times: “But the tragedy in Charlottesville… undercut the notion that the black-masked radical leftists who smash windows and hurl firebombs are an equal menace.”

CNN: “Unmasking the Leftists Antifa movement: Activists seek peace through violence.”

Reuters: “Pro-Trump supporters face off with peace activists  during protests outside a Trump rally in Phoenix,”

The Atlantic: “Using the phrase “alt-left” suggests a moral equivalence that simply doesn’t exist. For starters, while antifa perpetrates violence, it doesn’t perpetrate it on anything like the scale that white nationalists do.”

CBC: “While groups like Antifa and BLM might engage in violence at times — no one is disputing that — the major difference is that their existence is not predicated on hatred of others.”

And what does Antifa say? The Globe and Mail reported: In interviews, antifa activists explained their position. “You need violence to protect non-violence,” said Emily Rose Nauert. “That’s what’s very obviously necessary right now. It’s full-on war, basically.” 

Sure, it’s violence and oppression… but it’s violence and oppression for all the right reasons (or left reasons). There is an unmistakable ‘hate is love’, ‘war is peace’ atmosphere descending on us. You can practically taste it.

Have a look at the perception of the events that the supposedly ‘right-wing’ National Post chose to manufacture for its audience:



Is there any doubt about the interpretation that the headline of the article above is intended to generate in the reader? The message is pretty clear: It’s the ‘right wing’ people who are the unwanted. Who are to be despised. Who represent the real threat. The fact that they collaborated with the authorities, obeyed the law, were peaceful and were the targets of the violence from the Left-wing extremists doesn’t matter. Sure, “some” completely unknown, politically and ideologically unidentifiable “counter-protesters” inexplicably “turned violent”. But it’s the non-violent, law abiding people prevented from exercising their democratic rights who are ‘right-wing” and therefore evil by definition who must be singled out as pariahs and banished.

So let’s cut through the mass cultural group-think and describe in plain language what is really happening here: The mayor of Quebec City and the National Post are consciously focusing everyone’s antipathy on a tiny, insignificant group of people who are politically right of centre… whom no one has ever heard of, who have no power, who obeyed the law and were the targets of violence and abuse of their civil rights…. while simultaneously downplaying the threat posed by the perpetrators of the violence whom they fail to name (Antifa), fail to identify as representing far-left extremism, refer to by using the generic and neutral term “counter protesters”… and who represent a widespread movement, openly supported by facets of the media establishment and the political elite…  which has endorsed and repeatedly resorted to politically motivated violence in several North American cities over the past year.

We have a submissive and neutered political class in this country who are frightened to death of appearing not to conform to ‘progressive’-Leftist ideology. At the same time, the media class has abandoned objectivity altogether and has adopted the role of conduit for the single-perspective messaging pushed out by the liberal American media machine.

It is getting harder and harder to find voices in the mainstream advancing the perspective which actually reflects authentic reality: The now inconceivable notion that normal, moral, intelligent and perceptive human beings can find things about the fashionable, ‘progressive’-Left worldview (the one preferred by the elite wielders of power and influence in the media, academia, entertainment and mainstream political establishment ) that is flawed, counter-productive and deserving of critique and criticism.

This manufactured binary conception that you either conform without question to ‘progressive’-Left ideology or you’re a Nazi is what actual totalitarianism looks like from the inside… as opposed to the fantasy fascism the political Left and their lapdogs in the mainstream media are using to sow hysteria and prejudice against any views more than half-a step to the right of Chairman Mao’s.

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Violence and oppression…. but for all the right (or rather, Left) reasons!



Globe and Mail Article: Is violence the way to fight racism?

So the peace-loving, compassionate, tolerant, morally perfect mainstream ‘progressive’-Left get to languidly ponder the wisdom of supporting an organised, widespread movement of armed thugs – who  also share their political beliefs – and their preferred tactics of attacking people in the streets and destroying property.

At the same time the Left condemn mainstream conservatives by linking them with a ragtag handful of white-supremacist social misfits who nobody, anywhere in the mainstream is connected to, has ever supported and whom everyone has always taken for granted are despicable losers and totally beneath contempt.

This is just more evidence that the folks on the allegedly ‘progressive’-Left need to stop telling themselves that they are the good people. They’re not.  Their instinct towards conformity to group thinking and privileging of social validation over truth-seeking represents the real, imminent threat to civil society.

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Progressive Left continues to eat itself alive!

In this video I look at how it was inevitable that an ideology based on the unquestionable credibility of infinitely finer and finer gradations of individual subjective absolute truths was going to implode under the weight of its own absurdity.