Face it… hysterical Trump haters have no idea what they are talking about.

A very good friend who has been consistently re-posting the standard, predictable anti-Trump memes and mainstream news items on Facebook recently re-posted this clip of Yuri Bezmenov from the 1980’s :

Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions… but considering the tone of every other politically-themed post she has ever shared, I’m  guessing that like just about everyone who tends towards a ‘progressive’-Left view of the world, she interprets all information that she happens to come across as confirmation of her preconceived, stereotypical ‘progressive’-Left conclusions.

In my experience, most ‘progressive’, Leftist, SJW adherents to all things liberal and otherwise politically correct are aware of little if any context for the snippets of video, news reports and various opinion pieces that drift into their consciousness as the result of no deliberate effort of their own. They simply incorporate this free-floating messaging into their established view – and as they rarely if ever encounter living, breathing human beings in their circle of peers who do anything other than reflect their own opinions back to them… they have no incentive or intellectual pressure to reflect on the limitations,  potential flaws or weaknesses in their point of  view.

In other words, whatever comes to them most easily is all they know… and all they feel they need to know… in order to consider themselves sufficiently informed on any given subject…. not to mention to pass judgement on anyone whom they assume can only be less enlightened than themselves to actually hold a different opinion.

It’s like the uptick in sales recently of George Orwell’s novel 1984... attributed to Trump winning the White House. The people rushing to buy the 1948 novel are of course under the impression that the book predicts the potential totalitarian regime that a ‘conservative’ right-winger like Trump is on the verge of bringing into being.

If these people had paid attention in high school when they should have first been introduced to the novel, they would know it is in fact a warning from a member of the Left about the very real – and repeatedly proven – dangers of a tendency towards totalitarian tyranny arising from…. wait for it… the  Left! (pssst…. that’s the side of politics that people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are embedded in).

But hey…. who needs reality and context when self-serving, circular reasoning is so much more gratifying?

So in a sincere effort to introduce context into the discussion of these very important subjects, I offered the following comment to my friend who posted the link to the video:

“So you realise that this is Yuri Bezmenov talking 30 years ago about how ‘Cultural Marxism’ has infiltrated the institutions… like the media and academia… and is being used to produce generations who are hostile towards their own country, the West and its traditional values…  and who embrace the values of Marxism, right?

In other words, the process he’s talking about began in the 1960’s…. and this video was filmed in the 80’s…. so it’s been roughly 50 years…. which is exactly the period of time Bezmenov  says is required to bring about the desired shift in the culture.

In OTHER other words…. the people he was warning us about in the 1980’s are today’s ‘progressive’-Left liberals…. the people, you might have noticed,  who are presently losing their minds over Donald Trump.”


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Michael Harris

Michael Harris is an oil painter, photographer, song writer and blogger from Toronto Canada. Michael's work is influenced by his interest in psychology, media, consciousness studies, politics and philosophy.

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